Jonathan Gonzalez


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Unit One: Verb To Be: Introductions This is, I am, are, is, my/your

Unit Two: Verb To Be: Talking about others He, she, they, his/her

Unit Three: Possessives

Unit Four: Question Words 

Unit Five: There is /there are

Unit Six: That, This, Those, These

Unit Seven: I can or can’t 

Unit Eight: Like and would like

Unit Nine: Present continuous

Unit Ten: Past simple 

Unit Eleven: Past continuous

Unit Twelve: Used to/ Be used to /Get used to

Course content

  • Introductions



  • WH QUESTIONS/ Questions with Verb To Be/To Do

  • There is  There are

  • That, This, Those, These

  • I can or can’t

  • Like and would like

  • Present continuous

  • Past simple

  • Past Continuous

  • Used to

  • Future Will / Going to

  • Present Simple

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