Japanese Language Acquisition; A Grammatical Journey


Justin Jones

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Joshua Smith


Welcome Everyone,

This is a timed self pace course for Japanese Language. This class is offered free of charge at this time for research and documentation purposes. 

Completion of this class will allow you to do the following :

Read/Write Hiragana
Read/Write Katakana
Read/Write Several Hundred Kanji
Speak Conversational Japanese

So what do you need?

Genki 1: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese
Genki 1 : Workbook

During part two you will need :

Genki 2 : An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese
Genki 2 : Workbook

Assignments are due almost daily, so be mindful to what you are getting yourself into. Language learning is not easy nor can you do it in fifteen minutes a day. If you follow the steps you will get results. 

Course content

  • Hiragana and Katakana

  • Chapter 3 Overview (Self Study)

  • 4-1 あります

  • 4KANJI

  • 4-2Past tense

  • Chapter 5 Overview

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