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Welcome to Japanese for the Otaku 101, presented by Otaku Paradise!

This is a free course, exclusive to members of Otaku Paradise, to get some quick and fun instruction on the Japanese language, both written and spoken. This course is presented by myself, Peter Ruleman, a fellow Japanese enthusiast.



This is a self-paced course; you can join at any time and complete lessons on your own schedule!

Each lesson will contain one or two themes and learning objectives, followed by a complete lesson plan containing background information and core concepts. After reading through the lesson and accessing the provided materials, the learner will then have an assignment to submit. The assignments must be completed to receive the certificate of completion and a cool badge on Otaku Paradise. The assignments can range from a short paragraph writing assignment, script practice (requires a picture upload of handwriting), or pronunciation (requires a microphone and an online recording suite, which a link is provided to).

An overall grade of 75% or higher is required to complete the course, with assignments being re-submittable. 


Material Covered

  • Scripts
    • Hiragana
    • Katakana
    • Romaji
    • Some Kanji
  • Basic Sentence Structure
  • Pronunciation
  • Basic Vocabulary
  • Cultural Themes
  • and anything else you want!



This course is only intended for members of if you are not a member, please consider joining us in our discussion of anime and all things Japanese! 




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