Rene Andujar

ICT Instructor

I am a graduate of Associate in Computer Technology, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and has a 27 units of Bachelor of Secondary Education. I live in Plaridel, Baybay City, Leyte. Presently teaching in PNHS-SHS.


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Course description

This course gives a brief overview of programming languages and the program development life cycle. It includes a little bit of Java history and Java Technology. This course discusses some coding guidelines or code conventions to help effectively write readable programs.

Learning objectives/outcomes
         Know about programming languages and their categories 

         Describe the different phases of a Java program
         Develop a simple valid Java program
         Create an interactive Java program that gets input from the keyboard
         To be able to run a program using the different kinds of control structures

         Balagtas, Florence Tiu, June 2006. Introduction to Programming I, Student’s Manual Version 1.3.

Assessment criteria
         Quarterly Exams - 40%
         Oral Tests/Quizzes - 20%
         Projects/Assignments - 40%
         Laboratory Exercises

Course content

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