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OIC DEAN, Information and Computer Studies (ICS) Department

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Course Code and Title:  IT 13 - MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS

Course Unit(s):    3

Course Prerequisites: ITE 1 - IT Elective 1 (Graphics and Animation)

Instructor:  Noli G. Resterio

Date Prepared/Revised: June, 2016

Course Description:

This is an introductory course in digital media. It is intended for students from all backgrounds who are interested in learning the foundational scientific concepts and the basic techniques of digital media production. Knowing about the connection between scientific concepts and applications will help you in making educated guesses, rather than relying on defaults or recipes, in using tools and techniques in application programs. The practical component of the course is organized around learning about, and using various software's for manipulating digital sound, digital images, and digital video. The course concludes with a final group project in which you produce a short 20 - 30 min documentary or independent video.


Course Outcomes:

 After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • To acquire fundamentals principles of multimedia, including digitization and data compression for non-textual information 

  • To understand issues in representing, processing, and transmitting multimedia data 

  • To understand core multimedia technologies and standards

  • To gain hands-on experience in image, sound and video editing and in some aspects of multimedia authoring (incorporating images, sound, video, and animation)

  • To design, capture, store and integrate sound, images and video to deliver multimodal information.


Course content

  • Overview of multimedia systems and applications
  • Digitization: sampling, quantization, Nyquist theorem 
  • Digital audio: sounds, speech and music, audio effects, MIDI 
  • Digital imaging: resolution, file formats, color representation  
  • Analog and digital video 
  • Basic sound, image and video editing 
  • Animation 
  • Data compression techniques



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All rights reserved.

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