Lynette Reiner

Science Director

Lynette Reiner graduated from the University of Akron with a Bachelor’s of arts degree in history with a minor in interdisciplinary anthropology. She has volunteered at the Akron Zoo as an animal interpreter. Lynette has interned at the Jewish Community Center in Akron, teaching K-12 literature and history. She also completed an internship at the Summit County Historical Society in artifact restoration and as an archive specialist. She has worked at Inventure Place in Akron, teaching hands-on science activities to children and adults, and has participated at the Flux Gate dig site at Ft. Laurens in Bolivar, OH. Lynette is an Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist, certified by Ohio State University and Project Wild Facilitator for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Lynette is also a member of the Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitation Association.


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This course will enable to students to understand key terms in in the field of marine wildlife conservation. It will explain the different types of marine ecosystems and what wildlife inhabits those areas. It will give insight into what is creating a loss of biodiversity and and habitat loss. 

Course content

  • Introduction

  • Our Marine World

  • Ocean Resources

  • Marine Ecosystems

  • Marine Ecosystems continued

  • Negative Impacts

  • Habitat Destruction

  • Climate Change

  • Climate Change VS. Animals

  • Conservation

  • Extra Videos for thought

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