Islay High School PDA: Self in Work Unit Level 5


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This course is for students at Islay High School who are completing a work placement.

Completion (& submitting evidence) will lead to certification from the SQA in this unit which is part of the SQA Personal Development Award

The general aim of this Unit is to allow learning to improve their self-reliance and confidence by developing task management skills while carrying out a vocational project, with minimum support.

Learners who complete this Unit will be able to:

  1. Prepare to develop task management skills within a vocational project
  2. Carry out the project
  3. Review their own task management skills


Course content

  • Outcome 1: Prepare to develop task management skills

  • 1.1 Strengths and Limitations

  • 1.2 Personal Targets

  • 1.3 Producing a Plan

  • 1.4 Identifying your Task

  • Outcome 2: Carry out the project

  • 2.1 Monitoring your Progress

  • 2.2 Completing your own tasks

  • Outcome 3: Reviewing your task Management Skills

  • 3.1 Explaining Progress

  • 3.2 Justifying Conclusions

  • 3.3 Further Developments

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