Halaqa 2014\2015

The only and best isoc in Birmingham are holding weekly halaqat on Tuesdays after Maghrib. Teaching and nurturing muslims to be the best they can be.


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We will be covering the essentials of Eemaan by going through the famous text al-Aqeedah al-Tahawiyyah by Imam al-Tahawi al-Hanafi rahimahullah.

The class will consist of ten halaqas, one every Tuesday, beginning this week and resuming after the holiday. Each class will take 45 mins.

The topics covered will be the 6 pillars of eemaan and the reality of these pillars and what we must and must not believe about these things. The belief of the Muslim on paradise, hell fire, major sins, the things that take one out of the fold of Islaam, the things that cannot be said to take one out of the fold of Islaam, our stance on other religions, our stance regarding the companions, scholars, righteous awliya, revelation of the Qur'an, the sunnah, consensus of the ummah, the soul, eemaan and its definition and reality and signs of the day of judgment.

These are the things that will be covered, and every Muslim ought to know these basics and they will help to give a solid foundational understanding of Islaam. Many things people are unaware of or misunderstand.

We will complete all these topics and the whole text within 10 weeks inshaa'Allaah. There will be an exam at the end  three gifts (books) for the top three.

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