Pr. Laurent Cleenewerck

Professor of International Administration and Theology

I am a professor of International Administration and Theology at EUCLID, also serving as the institution's international faculty coordinator. I obtained a Master's in Ecumenical Studies from the Ukrainian Catholic University and was invited to join the faculty team upon graduation. Since then, I teach their Ecumenical Methods course on the IES Moodle platform. Locally (Northern California), I am an extension faculty for Humboldt State University where I have taught several courses () and workshops (Religious Experience). For more information on my background, research interests and publications, please visit


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Interfaith Dialogue and Inter-religious Diplomacy are related areas of study. In fact, Ecumenical Methods is also related to the broader idea of extending dialogue to the inter religious field.

In this course, we will study a number of relevant articles, books and videos (lectures) that will look at Interfaith Dialogue and Inter-religious Diplomacy with the following objectives and questions in mind:

- can the methods of diplomacy be applied to interfaith dialogue

- are formal debates useful?

- is the importance of religion in international relations underestimated.


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