Invest Morocco - The Best Strategies For an Outstanding FDI Promotion


Renato Byrro

Founder & CEO

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Divided in seven modules

Each module requires no more than 30 minutes to complete.


1) Introduction

What you ought to know about FDI Competition

Why do companies invest in Morocco?


2) The Investor Pyramid

The importance of tailoring the communication


3) Clear vision on investors: turning mirrors into windows 

Building trust and rapport with the investor


4) Making effective contacts

How to approach a foreign investor

Asking the right questions: a factor of success


5) Writing e-mails that are actually opened and read

The AIDA method


6) Taking advantage of industry forces

Where to find information about sectors & industries

Adjusting your communication accordingly


7) Get inside the Company

Finding special information about companies

How to use it successfully when contacting investors


+ Final Workshop

Live and on-line

Put to practice the concepts presented in the course

Real targets from Invest in Morocco as examples

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