Utility Collections: An Introduction to Utility Supply


Stephen Molden

Process: Establish, Document, Learn, Train and Coach.

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This course is supplementary to the classroom session of the same name. It is designed to accompany the classroom training for new agents, and to provide refresher training for existing agents. This course should not be solely used for training new agents, without an accompanying classroom session.

Its aim is to provide an overview of the utility industry framework (both regulatory and infrastructural) to assist with the recovery of debts originated through non payment of utility bills & invoices. This course considers the following:

  • The Similarities and Differences to 'Regulated' Consumer Debt.
  • Gas, Electric & Water 'Highway'
  • The 'Customer Journey': How a Customer Chooses, Changes and Inherits a Supplier.
  • Calculation of Consumption

It looks at various, industry specific phrases, terminology & abbreviations and is an entry level course to help collection activity on this type of account.

Prospective agents should already have an understanding of the basic consumer credit collection framework, and be suitably competent with regards to soft skills and conduct on telephone calls.

This course is to followed by 'Collecting Utility Debt', which provides a greater insight of how to structure of a utility debt telephone call.

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