Introduction to Ultrasound - Making History


Veronica Pena


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You are a medical assistant for neurologist Karl Dussik in 1942. Dr. Dussik attempts to transmit sound ways through a human head and discovers a brain tumor! You are fascinated with Dr. Dussik's discovery and quickly sign up to assist him with his research and development of ultrasound in the medical field. If this technology can be developed you see how beneficial it can be to the patients and medical world. Ultrasound would be less expensive, there are no radiation affects, and it is non-invasive. 

As you discover how to interrupt the images produced by sound you will need to map out key term definitions. From time to time Dr. Dussik will challenge his team of assistance by posing questions that must be answered with ultrasound terms and newly discovered information. As you exploration into the human body advances so will the questions. Learn from every angle, ask questions, and stay current with the progressing technology. Dr. Dussik will not keep assistance that are unable to keep up with the fast pace discovery. 

This week you will be learning the basic ultrasound terms and anatomy. It is imperative to show Dr. Dussik early in his research that you are committed. Follow the tasks below to orient yourself to ultrasound and prepare yourself for Dr. Dussik's challenge.

1. Review the Objectives.

2. Read Chapter 1 in the ultrasound manual Dr. Dussik has provided you (the course text).

3. Navigate through the presentation Dr. Dussik has given all his assistance with basic knowledge that he has acquired pertaining to Diagnostic Medical Sonography. 

4. When you feel prepared you will then enter a discovery quiz that will help you assess your knowledge. If you are able to complete the questions with ease then Dr. Dussik will present you with his challenge. If you find yourself unprepared you will need to go back to the lab and review the content again before advancing. 

5. When you feel ready and have completed the discovery quiz Dr. Dussik will challenge you, and others, with questions that will force you to analyze ultrasound discoveries. Here is where you can make a choose on how you show off your knowledge to Dr. Dussik. Make one of the choices below and stick with it. Follow through to the best of your abilities and Dr. Dussik will review your answers and present feedback. The feedback will determine if you are able to stay on his team and help discovery the next level of ultrasound. 

Dr. Dussik Challegne 1:

    1st choice - Answer the following three (3) questions:

                    1. A 38-year-old woman with right upper quadrant pain presents for an abdominal sonogram. What steps must the                         sonographer take prior to starting the examination that will enable him or her to provide the best possible                         examination?

                    2. If the patient is lying on his or her right side and the transducer indicator is at the 12 o'clock position on the left                         lateral abdominal wall, what is the scanning plane and how is the image presented on the display monitor?

                    3. What terminology can be used to describe a solid mass?

                    - Reply to one of your peers answers demonstrating your knowledge of the content. 

    2nd choice - Answer only one (1) of the above questions

                    - Reply to three(3) of your peers answers demonstrating your knowledge of the content. 


    See Rubric for grading criteria

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