Bohumil Kern


Bohumil Kern received his MS degree in Education, Biology and English at the Matej Bel University in the Slovak Republic. He also holds the BSBA degree in Business Administration from City University of Bellevue, WA. Mr. Kern worked as a full-time instructor for over 15 year, teaching Psychology, Philosophy, Communication, and Spanish. He is also a sworn official translator and interpreter from English, Spanish, and Slovak. Mr. Kern is the owner of Kern Services - company that specializes in translation, interpreting, and education. He is married and has one daughter.


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Yes, this course is about speaking, listening, and understanding Slovak. Well, not all of it, of course, but the basics - just to be able to get around and, maybe, impress your friends, lovers, fans, ... you name it!


My name is Bohumil Kern. I am a purebred Slovak, practicing my mother tongue for over 40+ years now. As a legal translator from English and Spanish languages I use the spoken Slovak also to make a living, nonetheless :-).  I have also spent time abroad (maybe just like you) trying to learn the language of the country by mostly being exposed to the speakers, and .... by imitating them.


That´s right, I believe in imitation! It has helped me and many other learners to "pick up" the language faster, as opposed to studying it theoretically over books and notebooks.

Are you ready to listen and imitate and speak?



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