Tamara Beger

Profesora de español

As a military brat, I spent most of my childhood traveling around the world and had the opportunity to live in Italy where I immersed myself in the culture and learned the Italian language. In middle school I began studying Spanish, and I continued my Spanish studies at the University of Maryland where I earned a business Spanish citation and business Italian citation while completing a bachelor of science in marketing. After graduating from the University of Maryland, I worked in business for a few years before transitioning to education. In 2005 I began my career in education as an elementary classroom teacher. Recently, I made the transition to teaching my passion - world languages! In addition to my Spanish and Italian language skills, I am proficient in conversational American Sign Language (ASL). When I learn a language, I live it! Language is the essence of a culture, and you cannot become fluent in a language unless you also become fluent in its culture(s).


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This is an introductory Spanish course about the family. In this course, you will learn key Spanish vocabulary about the family as well as about family culture in Spanish-speaking countries. In addition, you will learn how to describe a person's physical characteristics using descriptive adjectives (masculine/feminine/singular/plural) and conjugation of the verb ser (to be). Lastly, you will learn about the importance of the family in Spanish-speaking cultures and how families in Hispanic cultures differ from families in the United States.

Watch Señora Beger's introduction to the course:

Introducción al español La familia with Señora Beger from Tamara Beger on Vimeo.

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