Introduction to Semiotics: Theory, Trends, and Directions


Claire-Marie Brisson


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So, what is semiotics?

Go into any bookstore – or even a literary theory class – and you might get a blank stare. Semiotics isn’t discussed as it should be, yet it is an essential part of criticism. Fields ranging from language courses to journalism classes have semiotics woven into their framework at its very basis. It is a viable tool to become familiar with the schools of thought and approaches that lead literary scholarship and criticism from the beginning of the past century to the present. This will enable a deeper, more analytical approach to critical thinking in all aspects of your life.

The pedagogical approach to our course is twofold: both empirical as well as theoretical. The theoretical aspect will acquaint you with a technical apparatus of critical theory, definitions, and theories and their specific meanings. The empirical aspect will reinforce these theories practically by analyzing and studying multiple sources with a critical eye.

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