Aaron D'Souza

General Manager | Pharmacist


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Overview is an eCommerce opportunity for your pharmacy. This course will start your journey in the digital economy.  You won't just learn how to use the platform - you'll learn how to boost your pharmacy's digital sales, digital marketing and digital communications.  Complete the course and you're helping your pharmacy as well as up-skilling yourself. 

Some ground rules: 

  1. Have some fun with this training.  The digital economy is exciting and has many opportunities, those who succeed try, fail, and keep trying.  They use creativity.  Most of all, they explore so they can deliver a better experience for their customers.  
  2. Don't be scared to reach out to us.   The team at are here to support you.  If there's a question you have, we will find the answer WITH you.  We want your feedback. The internet is filled with many great ideas - if you find one you think will work, let us know.  It could help Australian Pharmacies become better and stronger. 
  3. Keep it simple.  There is a graveyard of failed IT and Pharmacy initiatives.  In many cases, people try to do to much too soon.  Keep your activities simple, get the basics right and paint your vision with care. 


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