Introduction to Numerical Problem Solving TX00BY09-3001


Sakari Lukkarinen

Senior Lecturer


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Learning outcomes

The aim of this course is to introduce the most common mathematical and numerical methods and tools that are used for solving engineering problems.


  • Graphical presentations of measured data
  • Basic mathematical models
  • Functions and simple algorithms
  • Recursion and difference equations
  • Modeling dynamic systems
  • Interpretation of presented data


Basic engineering mathematics (TI00AA04) and Introduction to Calculus (TI00AA05) or similar courses completed:

  • Can solve basic algebraic problems,
  • Knows the most commong engineering functions, and
  • Is able to differentiate and integrate

Learning material

Online material:

Recommended literature:

  • Guttag, J. (2013). Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python. MIT Press.
  • Giorgano, F. et al. (2003). A First Course in Mathematical Modeling.

Recorded lectures:


Further information

The software package used in the exercises can be downloaded freely from


Course content

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