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This course covers the fundamental principles, practices and tools of Lean Six Sigma methods that underlay modern organizational productivity approaches applied in aerospace, automotive, health care, and other sectors. It includes lectures, active learning exercises, a plant tour, talks by industry practitioners, and videos. One third of the course is devoted to a physical simulation of an aircraft manufacturing enterprise or a clinic to illustrate the power of Lean Six Sigma methods.

Course Contains

11 hours of lecture videos

18 lectures


Dr. Murman's professional interests span system engineering, product development, Lean Six Sigma, aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, healthcare, and engineering education. He has published over 100 journal articles and technical papers in these fields. Dr. Murman is the lead author of the book Lean Enterprise Value: Insights from MIT’s Lean Aerospace Initiative published by Palgrave in March 2002. Lean Enterprise Value, a definitive account of the past and future implementation of lean principles and practices in the aerospace domain, received the 2003 Best Engineering Sciences Book Award from the International Astronautical Academy. He is a co-recipient of The 2011 Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award and the 2010 International Council of System Engineering Best Product Award for “Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering.”

Dr. Hugh McManus develops, teaches and applies advanced methods in lean process improvement, systems engineering and preliminary design, and composite materials and structures, for a variety of corporate, government, and university clients.




Prof. Weigel has a dual faculty appointment in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Engineering Systems Division at MIT. She is a member of MIT’s Lean Aerospace Initiative, conducting research in the area of lean product development and systems engineering.




Dr. Bo E Madsen completed his residency in emergency medicine at the Mayo Clinic and a Fellowship in Emergency Medicine/International Health Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and holds a masters degree in Public Health from Harvard School of Public Health.Prior to medical school, Dr. Madsen served as an officer in the Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA). He has extensive experience with humanitarian assistance and emergency management. For 4 years he worked for a variety of organizations which provided humanitarian assistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These organizations include the European Community Humanitarian Office, DEMA and the Danish Refugee Council. Dr. Madsen specializes in lean process improvement and quality improvement.


Creative Commons License
Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods by Prof. Earll Murman, Dr. Hugh McManus, Prof. Annalisa Weigel, Dr. Bo Madsen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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Course content

  • Ses. 1-2 The start of your Lean journey

  • Ses. 1-3 Lean thinking Part 1

  • Ses. 1-3 Lean thinking Part 2

  • Ses. 1-4 New Balance® plant tour

  • Ses. 1-5 People: The heart of Lean

  • Ses. 1-6 Value stream mapping basics

  • Ses. 2-1E, 2-3E, and 2-5E Simulation video

  • Ses. 2-2E Lean supply chain basics

  • Ses. 2-4E Lean engineering basics

  • Ses. 2-1H, 2-3H, and 2-5H Simulation video

  • Ses. 2-2H Continuous process improvement

  • Ses. 2-4H Improving the enterprise

  • Ses. 3-2 Variability simulation

  • Ses. 3-3 Lean for healthcare: An Overview

  • Ses. 3-4 A3 thinking

  • Ses. 3-5 Quality tools and topics

  • Ses. 3-6 Six Sigma basics

  • Ses. 3-7 Leading Rockwell Collins’ Lean transformation

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