Introduction to Health and safety (2015) - revision 1


David Muskett


Cellular Pathology Service Manager Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust


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This course and quiz is designed for staff working within a pathology laboratory environment and covers some of the key aspects of health and safety practice in the United Kingdom.


Health is the avoidance of work-related illness.

  • They can build up slowly over a long time (Chronic)
  • They can happen quickly (Acute)
  • They may have physical or chemical origins

Safety is the avoidance of work-related injuries.

  • The condition  or state of being safe
  • Freedom from danger or hazard
  • Injuries may have a physical or chemical origin

Course content

  • Why is health & safety important?

  • Your responsibilities?

  • Key legislation

  • Why accidents happen

  • Safety signs

  • Physical Care

  • Lifting and Handling

  • VDU & PC use

  • Fire

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Electrical safety

  • Chemical safety

  • Risk management

  • Biological safety

  • Summary

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