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Lecturer Food Supply Chains

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Supply Chain Management has been a factor for success for most companies worldwide. The management of supplies is of high importance, especially in the food industry. The purpose of this course is to introduce Supply Chain Management, with a key focus towards the food industry. The goal of the course is to provide knowledge to better understand why it is important to manage the supply chain within the food industry. This course also aims to give insight into different tools and strategies which will help a student or professional design an efficient supply chain. To do this a variety of topics will be covered. Those topics are listed below.

  • What is Supply Chain Management
  • A look into the Food Supply Chain
  • Entities within the Food Supply Chain
  • Global and Local Supply Chains
  • Sustainability within the Food Supply Chain
  • Relationship Models Within the Food Supply Chain
  • An Introduction to Food Sourcing and Procurement

After following this class the student will understand the key elements within the food supply chain and also be able to design a basic supply chain within the food industry.  

The program has been designed asymmetrically so the student can design on the pace which they will take to complete it.

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