Introduction to computer logic


Ben Hays


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What do computers think about?

Do they think in words or pictures?

Neither. They think in 1's and 0's, but you probably knew that already. But what does that mean? How does that work? Is it magic? Can it only be comprehended by geniuses and cyborgs? We are going to try to be those geniuses and cyborgs and dare to understand the mind of a computer. 

Course content

  • Live But Incomplete

  • Counting In Computer

  • What is Binary? (video)

  • Computer to human (video)

  • Human to computer (video)

  • Binary Takeaway

  • More 1's and 0's (resources)

  • Speaking computer (exercise)

  • Switches and, wizards

  • Transistors, ANDs and ORs

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