Introduction to Clinical Neurology


Shayne King


Current student at NSCC. I am intending to pursue the field of neuroscience & decided to host uReddit's Intro to Clinical Neurology as a way to stretch my boundaries and learn through teaching. It's all fun and games until someone loses a brain.

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Patricia King


Clinical neurology is a branch of medical science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders in patients. In this course we will be focusing on anatomy, cellular biology and pathology as it relates to the human brain.

Course content

  • FAQs

  • Syllabus - CLNEURO 101

  • [U1] Neuroanatomy Overview (1/2)

  • [U1] Neuroanatomy Overview (2/2)

  • [U1] APCS/PSNS/SNS (1/1)

  • [U1] The Frontal Lobe (1/1)

  • [U1] The Temporal Lobe (1/1)

  • [U1] The Parietal Lobe (1/1)

  • [U1] The Occipital Lobe (1/1)

  • [U1] The Brainstem

  • [U1] Differentiating Clusters

  • [U1] The Neuron Overview (1/2)

  • [U1] The Neuron Overview (2/2)

  • [U1] Types of Neurons (1/1)

  • [U2] Neurotrans Overview (1/2)

  • [U2] Neurotrans Overview (2/2)

  • [U2] Sensory Neurons (1/1)

  • [U2] Motor Neurons (1/1)

  • [U2] The Midbrain (1/1)

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