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AniEd is a private institution providing accredited education in the fields of animal care, training and behaviour. Our educational ethos is based in empowering our learners with critical thinking skills and the understanding to promote welfare friendly interactions with all animals. We endeavor to create an industry that is populated by educated professionals who will hold the welfare of their clients, animal and human, at the forefront. We believe that education at all levels (pet owners, animal welfare volunteers, animal care professionals) is the key to improving animal welfare in Ireland.

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Gertrude Malone
Fabulous course, amazing trainers
Gertrude Malone
Angela Antunes
I Learned a lot with this course! The girls are amazing and super friendly. Thinking about doing more courses from Anied in a very near future.
Charlotte Erika Walker, BSc (Hons), S.A.C. Dip.
Enjoyable, challenging but well worth it!


The ICB course will offer you an in-depth introduction to the vast and complex study of canine behaviour. Although introductory, this course will immerse you in the latest understanding and scientific work in this field and is suitable for dedicated pet owners, dog lovers and professionals. 

Course content is split over 8 Topics:

  1. The Evolution and Domestication of the Domestic Dog
  2. The Canine-Human Relationship
  3. Domestic Dog Social Behaviour
  4. Canine Signalling
  5. Behavioural Development
  6. Behavioural Health
  7. Canine Learning
  8. The Pet Training & Behaviour Industry

All work for this course is completed via homestudy by accessing resources provided through your Course Manual and the course area here. 

You can contact tutors at any time via the Discussion area here, via email: or by calling or coming into see us at the AniEd Training & Education Centre near Blanchardstown. 

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