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This training course will only cover a very basic knowledge on pharmaceutical gasses. Discussion tab (provided in this course) will focus on PIC/S expectation as specified as part of staff induction training in Centre for Compliance and Licensing. 

Webinars is not provided for this course. Certificate will we issued to participants who get marks more than 75%. Marks structure as follows:

  Online Course  %
1 Early enrollment @ Eliademy 5
2 Homework 1 @ Eliademy 20
3 Discussion @ Eliademy 20
4 Homework 2 @ Eliademy 15
5 Classroom 20
6 Quiz 20
  Overall marks 100


All participants are encourage to post any discussion topic under the specified tab. Discussion will contribute 20%. Homework, as prescribed under Task or Homework: Improvement of Aide-Memoire tab.


Course content

  • What is Aide-Memoire

  • Aide-Memoire on Inspection of Utilities

  • Homework 1: Improvement on Aide-Memoire

  • Homework 2: A summary related to Pharmaceutical Gases or Clean Steam

  • Classroom: Introduction on Pharmaceutical Gases

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