Intro: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Breastfeeding


Nicole Vascianna


Nicole Vascianna, RN, Lactation Educator, & birth doula, founded The Village Maternity Services in 2013 as a means of supporting women through pregnancy and childbirth. With derived experience as mothers & health care professionals, they strive to deliver holistic supportive services; antepartum through infancy in a fun and up-beat atmosphere. Upon giving birth in 2009, Nicole realized the lack of prenatal choices for women in South Florida and became adamant about creating a change. During her time in Baptist South Florida’s prestigious Scholars Nurse Program, Nicole shadowed the IBCLCs working in the Mother/Baby unit. Upon graduating with Kappa Theta Honors, Nicole continued her studies with The University of California San Diego to become certified in lactation education. Nicole states “I enjoy working with, and support a fellow sister. Nothing gives me greater joy than working with her on what may be the greatest journey of her life”.


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The Village Maternity Services

Course description:

An introductory breastfeeding course for expecting mothers. Class is divided into 3 days of videos, a downloadable workbook, and ebook download. 

Learning objectives and outcomes:

Learn the supply and demand cycle that will ensure your milk supply is sufficient to nurture and feed your baby.

Understand why your baby needs kangaroo care and the role it plays in oxytocin and prolactin production.

Learn the mistake most women make that create a painful breastfeeding mistake and what to do to avoid it.




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