Interpersonal Effectiveness 2 of 3 (May 2014)


Debbie Corso

Peer Educator


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This is the second class in the DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness series.

One of the most difficult and challenging aspects of being a highly sensitive or emotionally dysregulated person is the stress this causes on our ability to form and maintain meaningful relationships. In the Interpersonal Effectiveness module, we learn social skills, how to be more assertive in effective ways, and how to negotiate to get our needs met without falling upon old, maladaptive behaviors which may include manipulation.  Learn to have healthy relationships by starting with an investment in your own well-being.  Learn skills that help you to build lasting relationships at home, in the workplace, and other settings.  Learn to reduce and replace the self-sabotaging behaviors that have been interfering with your ability to have lasting, meaningful relationships.  T

We will build upon the skills that we learned in IE1 as well as learn new skills in this level.  Welcome to Level 2!

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