Internet tech for business and management


Yaroslav Pavlov


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Welcome to the course Internet tech for business and management!

All lectures will be provided in Class lectures section (left menu). In the section Additional materials (left menu) you can find additional materials for some of the topics.

Go to the Discussion section (top menu) to ask general questions about the course, write personal reflection or post your project idea (there are discussions in left menu of the section for each). Some urgent questions can be asked at google+ or other social media.

Go to task section to upload homework and project report. You can also check deadlines there.

In tasks section you can also find tasks on business ideas and voting for them! Please, don't forget about this! 

You can find grading policy and other issues in Lecture 1 that you can find in Class lectures section.

Don't forget to submit your business idea till Sunday 26.04.2015!

Check out ADDITIONAL MATERIALS to know more about business videos.

3 KEY VALUES of the course:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Creativity
  3. Honor

Please follow them.

Good luck! 





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