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The recent trends in technology which is considered to be the next big thing post Internet revolution is seen worldwide in the domain of Internet of Things (IoT). This is the technology wherein the devices are made intelligent and will participate wisely in the process and procedures building smarter planet. IoT is the talk of the town and is the most happening buzz word. The explosive growth of the “Internet of Things” is changing our world and the rapid drop in price for typical IoT components is allowing people to innovate new designs and products at home. This workshop will be conducted in 8 weeks spread over Autumn and Spring term of session 2015-16.



Brief contents of the Workshop

Outcome of Workshop

Number of Major projects

IoT #1

Oct - Nov 2015

30 hour

IoT and its impact on Society, IoT Devices, How does IoT works

 Three minor projects (one project every Sunday)

Interdisciplinary  Project


IoT #2

Jan - Feb 2016

30 hour

Working on Arduino Platform, Programming Arduino using C

Three minor projects(one project every Sunday)

Interdisciplinary  Project


Total Duration

60 hour

Readiness to build IoT devices

Six Minor Projects

Two Major Projects

*Major Project for Fast Track learners


IoT Workshop #1

First part of the Workshop will start from 12th October 2015 and will end on 20th November 2015. One major project will be allocated to students in the 2nd week of IoT-1



Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Workshop on following Sunday


What are IoT Devices?

Trends in IoT

Social benefits and challenges of IoT

Quiz1, Peer review1,

Application awareness and presentation


Generic Structure of Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems, Sensors and Actuators

Analog/Digital Conversion, Basic Equipment

Quiz2, Peer review2,

1. How to use various components on breadboard?

2. Sourceà micro-controller à Actuator based Minor Project-1,

(Major project allocation)


Hardware and Software

Compilation and interpretation

Operating Systems

Quiz3, Peer review3,

1. data Sheets and Memories

2. Sourceà micro-controller à Actuator based Minor Project-2


Why is Networking Needed?

Internet Protocols

TCP/IP Application Layer, MANETs Vs VANETs

Quiz4, Peer review4,

  1. Networking Components, Arduino Programming and Minor project-3
  2. Interdisciplinary project submission


Learning Outcome of Workshop #1:-


  • The participants will design, build and test a micro controller-based embedded system.
  • The participants will use an Arduino with several sensors and actuators; capture, visualize and analyse data, and write a final report.
  • The focus of your project will be to design the system so that it can be built on a low-cost budget for a real-world application.
  • The project will include some core requirements, but leave room for your creativity in how you approach the project. In the end, you will produce a unique final project, suitable for showcasing to future potential, may lead to patenting and product.


Course instructors:

Dr. Lovi Raj Gupta

Er. Rajiv Kumar Patial

Er. Nikesh Bajaj

Er. Harkishan Sohanpal

Er. Bikash Kant

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