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Rachel Hopcroft


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What is ISO?

Here at Vale-Tech Ltd we work to ISO systems.  In particular the ISO9001:2008.  This ISO system is a standard set of process' that enable all business to run smoothly and efficiently and to develop a clear record of business.  They can be integrated into any company at a basic level and will ensure that their product matches the customers expectations, and quality on every occasion.  Those process' cover all aspects of the company and each process is made specific to the companies business practice.  Each process is made up of QMS procedures.  Each Procedure contains a header that tells you all the relevant information about that process.  Please see the image below for an example of a QMS form header;


Note: QMS stands for Quality Management System


How do you get an ISO certificate?

To gain certification a manual is created that includes all the process' stipulated under the ISO9001 standards, and that reflect that particular business' current practices.  This is then sent for approval, to ensure that every ISO9001 standard is covered within the manual.  Once the manual has been approved, then an authorised auditor is despatched to carry out a full audit on the systems currently in use.  They check the historic records to ensure that these are standard practices for the company and that all the records are being maintained accordingly.  If they find that the company practices' and the ISO Manual are working in unison then they will issue a certificate.  Ours is displayed in reception and can be viewed by every one.


What does this mean for the company?

There are many benefits for the company to achieve this certification.  First and foremost is from both a Sales and Stability point of view as this certificate tells any potential customer that our goods are guaranteed to arrive to a high level of manufacture, and that the machine has been tested in it's use prior to supply, and that the machine is safe to use.  It also tells the potential customer that the company has a stable processing system that should ensure we are there to support the machine in the years to come, and that spare parts can be easily identified and supplied during that time.  This in turn increases our Sales and therefore creates further Stability for us as a company.


Why to I need to know this?

Because without you, we would not have the ISO9001 Standard, and neither would we be able to retain the certificate through future audits.  It is your diligence for our process' and the completion of our internal forms that enable us to produce the machines at a good and safe level, and to maintain our hold on the ISO9001 certificate.  All the parts of the ISO9001 must continue to be maintained for the continued stability of our company and our future employment.


Why am I here?

We have invited you here today to go through the procedures that operate within Vale-Tech Ltd.  By the end of this training session you should have a clear understanding of the following:

  • Who is responsible for which aspects within the company.
  • The importance of completing and working to these process' 
  • The overall process of producing a machine from the customers initial enquiry, all the way through to installation.  
  • We hope that by understanding your part in this process, and the work undertaken by those around you, you will understand your worth to us, and the worth of those around you.


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