Chris Lofton

I am the Director of Academics at Austin Coding Academy.


At our coding academies, we believe the high quality of our program is because of our excellent educators. 


The Excellent Educator Rubric

Domain 1: Planning

  • Knowledge of Students
  • Lesson Cycle
  • Contribution to Curriculum

Domain 2: Teaching

  • Student Engagement
  • Adult Learning Strategies
  • Class Structure and Layout

Domain 3: Professionalism

  • Commitment to Mission
  • Continued Learning
  • Ethics and Sensitivity
  • Operational Responsibilities




Course content

  • Module 1: Knowledge of Students

  • Module 2: Lesson Cycle

  • Module 3: Contribution to Curriculum

  • Module 4: Student Engagement

  • Module 5: Adult Learning Strategies

  • Module 6: Class Structure and Layout

  • Module 7: Professionalism

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