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Basic English course 101


The purpose of this Course is to provide students with the basics of English.

Prerequisite: To take this course you must be very basic in English and be willing to learn.


In this course you will learn the basics of English so you can introduce yourself in English.


Course’s description and objectives:


  1. Intro to verb to be and its derivatives (am, is, are)
  2. Intro to “What, Where, How and nice to meet you”
  3. Intro to information basic questions (what, who, where, when, and how)
    1. What is your phone number?
    2. What is your nickname? Or what is her e-mail address?
  4. Intro to Verb to be and its conjugation
    1. I am, he is, she is, you are, we are, they are
  5. Verb to be yes/no questions
    1. Is he a doctor? Yes, he is. No, he is not.


This course is an open course. Which mean that you don’t have a deadline to complete the exercises and/or activities. But you should complete them in a month so that you can see if you are learning or not.



  1. One quiz per week
  2. One oral quiz either via a phone call or skype
  3. No final exam


Grading criteria

  1. 80% minimum to be granted another free course
  2. Oral quiz must be passed (at teacher’s discretion)



Course content

  • Introducing yourself in English

  • Intro yourself in English (Explanation)

  • Intro to Verb "To be"

  • Verb to be Power point Presentation

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