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Gina Burgess



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Learn to assess, appreciate, embrace and/or value the uniqueness of your own creative endeavors, as well as those of others. By the end of this course, if students apply the tools and strategies in this course, students will:

  1. Recognize the importance of writing and revising regularly.
  2. Demonstrate sensitivity to the nuances of language as seen in models taken from the literary heritage of the language.
  3. Demonstrate their collaborative skills and knowledge of group process and its benefits to the individual writer and to the group.

Course Description

This course is designed to help you explore writing as craft and vocation. You should be able to apply concepts learned in this course to print media including magazines, books, and web writing.

Specifically, we will use a combination of online sources (on news, grammar, style, editing, readings, and course-related experiences), writing exercises, and online discussion to understand the ideas and concepts introduced through readings.

Course Objectives

  1. Create a distinctively personal, complete work appropriate to submit for publication.
  2. Complete a critical assessment of your work as well as the work of others.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of language, composition, and interpretive methodologies.
  4. Articulate the process from the initial concept to the final product.

Learning Activities Purpose

The class is a writing workshop and a discussion seminar on creative fictional work. Students study and discuss the tools an author uses for concise and creative works: 1) strategies for making every word, every sentence, and every paragraph have meaning; 2) clarity, economy, originality, and persuasion; 3) ways of building and organizing stories; 4) routines beneficial for productive writing.

Assessment for Certificate of Completion

  1. Students will be assessed on a minimum of 5,000 words of creative writing, revisions, and literary analysis. Receiving the certificate depends upon: participation, writing submissions, quality of revisions, and demonstration of each tool covered in this class. The student may work on a book or several short stories, but it must be a minimum of 5,000 words.
  2. Ability to critique own work as well as that of colleagues in class in a beneficial way.
  3. Participation on the discussion boards, adding creative insight to the discussion.

Course content

  • Personal Note from Gina

  • Discussion Board

  • Course Textbook

  • What to expect

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