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Course description
This course includes the content that should be delivered to the members of Talent Management functional area as the basic learning.

1. What is Talent Management?
2. TMP & TLP
3. Talent planning & pipeline management
4. Selection & allocation
5. Induction
6. TMP & TLP management
7. Using for TM
8. Super brief intro to LEAD
9. Summary

Learning objectives/outcomes
TM members will understand what TM is, how it is done and how it connects to our exchange goals.

Going through materials and dicussing in the group. LC VP TMs are free to use also their own methods.

Materials marked with [KEY CONTENT] are must read. Materials marked with [EXTRA] are for those who want to know more. :)

All the topics have the group discussion as a task. Mark pass for everyone who has participated into the activitity and learned the content of the topic.

The final task is to do the fun quiz that sums up the information.

Course content

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