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Course description
This course includes the content that should be delivered to the members of Communication functional area as the basic learning.

1. What is the role of Communication in AIESEC?
2. AIESEC Brand
3. Promotional communication
4. Web promotion management and tools
5. Member promotion
6. OGX promotion
7. Internal communication and information management
8. communication tools
9. Communication in projects
Not too serious quiz

Learning objectives/outcomes
What is the role of communication? What is the brand of AIESEC? How do do promotion? :)

Your VP should be leading the discussion. The lessons require checking out some materials and getting to know that, and then discussing it in the group. All the topics have the group discussion as a task. Mark pass for everyone who has participated into the activitity and learned the content of the topic. VPs are free to use any other methods as well.

The final task is to do the fun quiz that sums up the information.

Course content

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