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Welcome to the new In-Service 2 pre-course program. This distance education program uses a variety of online activities to prepare Paramedic Interns for their Clinical Science lectures and assessments during in-Service 2. 

The course within the program includes material covered during

  • Induction,
  • In-Service 1 &
  • Previous existing distance education programs.
  • Material from previous courses (which is revised within this program) IS EXAMINABLE during in-service 2 and WILL NOT BE REVISED during the in-service:  .


    To use this program click on the sections tab on the left and work your way through the learning activities. Once you have completed the tasks write up your own notes centered around the study guide for that section and then complete the online quiz. .

    If you have any feedback please email the Program Manager Alexander Cardenas on or leave your feedback in the discussion section of this online course. 


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