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From the IB History Guide

Looks at decline in Tsartists Russia and emergence of Soviet state. It requires examination and consideration of the social, economic and political factors that inaugurated and accelerated the process of decline. Attempts at domestic reform and the extent to which these hastened or hindered decline should be studied, together with the impact of war and foreign entanglements.

  • Alexander 2: emancipation of serfs; military, legal, educational, local government reforms’ later reaction
  • Alexander 3 and Nicholas 2: Backwardness and attempts at modernisation; nature of stardom; growth of opposition movements
  • Significance of the Russo-Japanese War; 1905 Revolution; Stolypin and the Duma; the impact of the first world war
  • 1917 Revolutions: Feb/March rev; provisional government and dual power (Soviets); Oct/ Nov Bolshevik revolution; Lenin and Trotsky
  • Lenin’s Russia: consolidation of new Soviet state; Civil War; Communism; NEP; terror and coercion; foreign relations


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