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AniEd is a private institution providing accredited education in the fields of animal care, training and behaviour. Our educational ethos is based in empowering our learners with critical thinking skills and the understanding to promote welfare friendly interactions with all animals. We endeavor to create an industry that is populated by educated professionals who will hold the welfare of their clients, animal and human, at the forefront. We believe that education at all levels (pet owners, animal welfare volunteers, animal care professionals) is the key to improving animal welfare in Ireland.


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Welcome to all our new Irish Dogs for the Disabled puppy trainers!

This puppy course will help you to give your puppies the best start and help everyone get off on the right paw. 

The puppy stage, particularly the first 4 months, is an important developmental period for puppies. Everything is new and exciting to them and we must make sure that they learn how to cope effectively, be able to deal with stress and to become confident happy adult dogs through careful exposure to the big, bad world.

This online site will provide you with all the class exercises plus videos and photographs to help remind you of all your puppy's training exercises. 

Each week you will receive a handout of the class exercises and then after class we will upload videos, photographs and supporting resources to help you in training your puppies. 

We are always available should you need any help with puppy training so get in touch!


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