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Course  Title : ICT 11 /COMP I - Introduction to Information and Communication Technology

Course Description

This course introduces the students to the world of digital computing. This course also provides the students with practical knowledge  of MS office suites particularly; MS Word, Excel, and Power Point. Topics such as computer  hardware systems, computer and its components, types of computers, capabilities and characteristics of PC are also covered.


At the end of the course, students will be able to:

1) Effectively use ICT tools and software applications;

2) Develop productive problem solving strategies individually and collaboratively;

3) be able to comprehend the implications of the use of ICT and their social and ethical responsibilities as end users.

Grading System:

Written/Oral Quiz  = 25%

Practical Exams    = 25%

Attendance           = 10%

Major Exams         = 40%

TOTAL                  = 100%

Course content

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