Nicole Kleitsch-Killam, PHR

Director of Human Resources


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This course covers your General Orientation to your new workplace--ICON Injection Molding. Welcome to the team! This is one of several courses that all new hires must complete.

You will work through this course by selecting each module on the left (in order) and following the instructions. This course has two introductory modules, four core modules (Employment Basics, The Physical Workplace, General Employment Policies, and the Process of Paperwork), and a conclusion. Each core module is followed by a quiz to review the addressed content. After the conclusion, the course is completed with a passing grade on the test, which incorporates content from all the core modules. Begin by selecting the next module, "Introduction to Training" and read the content to get accustomed to how Eliademy works.

Introductory Modules

Introduction to Training

Introduction to ICON

Core Modules

Employment Basics

The Physical Workplace

General Employment Policies

Process of Paperwork


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