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  1. Duration: 30 hours
  2. Requirements:
  • 440 – 477 on the TOEFL test
  • those with scores higher than 477 but with scores lower than 44 in the Structure
    1. Target score: 500 (61) on the TOEFL Test
    2. Materials:
  • Basic Grammar
  • Speaking (Independent, Integrated)
    • Planning and making the free-choice response
    • Planning and making the paired-choice response
    • Noting the main points while reading/listening
  • Writing (Integrated, Independent)
    • Noting the main points while reading/listening
    • Planning before writing
    • Writing introduction, topic statement, supporting paragraphs, and conclusion
    • Reviewing grammar
    • Understanding vocabulary from context
    • Recognizing referents
    • Simplifying meanings
    • Inserting sentences into a passage
    • Finding factual information
    • Understanding negative facts
    • Making inferences
    • Inferring rhetorical purpose
    • Selecting summary
    • Completing tables
  • Listening
    • Understanding the gist, the details, the function, the speaker’s stance, the organization, and relationships.

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