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Welcome to Predictive Analytics with IBM SPSS Statistics Course.

SPSS is a statistics and data analysis program for businesses, governments, research institutes, and academic organizations. This course takes a practical, visual and non-mathematical approach to SPSS. From importing spreadsheets to creating regression models, to exporting charts, this course covers all the basics to advanced statistical techniques, with an emphasis on clarity, interpretation, communicability, and application. 


Course Instruction

Whatever you do, please have fun. Enjoy the journey.

Seriously, this course will require some dedication on your part. It is likely to consume a significant portion of your time. We have quite a chunk of concepts packed into the course, and the learning process will include working through hands-on exercises. 

We advice you do not procrastinate working through the notes and exercises once they are uploaded. Do the work as soon as you can in order to avoid backlogs.

Please feel free provide feedback, ask questions, or lodge a complaint at any point during the course. You will surely be listened to.



Week 1
•    A First Look at IBM SPSS Statistics
•    Reading Data Files
•    Using the Data Editor

Week 2
•    Examining Summary Statistics for Individual Variables
•    The Mean Procedure
•    T-Tests
•    One-Way Analysis of Variance

Week 3
•    GLM Univariate Model
•    Bivariate Correlations
•    Partial Correlations
•    Linear Regression

Week 4
•    Two Step Cluster Analysis
•    Nonparametric Tests
•    Life Tables
•    Kaplan-Meier Survival Analysis



You will need the SPSS software for this course. Please download the software via the link sent to your email.



Your performance in this course will be assessed through a number of exercises submitted at different points in the course.


Welcome once again.

Yours sincerely,

Linda Benjamin (

Bamidele Moyosola (

Statistical Consulting Center for International Development, Dataville Research LLC, (Abuja-Nigeria)


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