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I am St. Daniel’s UMC: Being the Church God Called Me to Be



We will continue to learn about Jesus, this time with emphasis on the young adult Jesus. Part II of the WWJD Study will focus on our gifts and visions from God,  how we can live lives that help others, and how other people in the Bible did once receiving a vision/recognizing their God given gifts.


Course Agenda:

·        Welcome/ Opening Activity- -Visions encountered in the Bible (20 minutes) Found in Assignments

·         Prayer (10 minutes)

·         RCS: Just Keep Breathing Book by Reggie Dabbs (40 minutes) Found in Blog

o   Prior to meeting, Leader should read the related “Exhale” Chapter

o   Read: Student read letters with their group, share their reactions and responses to the letter and then draft a letter response to the writer

o   Compare: They then read compare Reggie’s letter to the letter they drafted. What was missing from their letter? What was missing from Reggie’s? What impact do you think each letter will bring?

o   Share: The Group will introduce the situation to the group. The leader will conclude the presentations by asking the related “Signature: Chapter Questions

·         Group Talk— Using our gifts to respond to those that are hurting (20 minutes) Found in Assignments

·         WWTJD Groups (30 minutes)

·         Closing  (10 minutes)


Youth are encouraged to purchase: Just Keep Breathing Book by Reggie Dabbs (



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