Emerson Rose Kail


Hello everyone! I am Professor Kail, although I would be happy if you called me Professor Rose. In Half-Blood United, I am an admin, a professor, the head of the Hunters of Artemis, and the cabin leader! In Hogwarts Rises, I am the Potions Mistress.


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Hunting and Archery is a class that belongs to Half-Blood United a Percy Jackson fan-made site where everyone takes classes and does activities as if they were at Camp Half-Blood (If you are interested, fill out this form:

In this class, we will be learning about how to properly hunt and use a bow and arrow. Being the lead hunter for the Hunters of Artemis, I have a lot of skill and I am excited to share my skills with all of the demigods of Camp Half-Blood. This will be a very fun class, as we will have a lot of practicals and fun experiences!

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