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Welcome All. The term "Humanities" is an umbrella term for many disciplines such as art, literature, theology, philosophy, language, and more. In a nutshell, the class is an overview of various epochs in human history. We'll look at sculpture, architecture, painting,literature, and music from early civilization to the modern era. It's a great class to reflect and to appreciate what makes us human, and hopefully,to realize just how much we have in common with our ancestors and other cultures throughout the world.


At the end of this course,

Students will have a richer understanding and appreciation of the humanities and fine arts , and an appreciation, and evaluation of the aesthetic, historical, philosophical and literary dimensions of human experience.

Students should be able to demonstrate awareness of the interdependent nature of individuals and societies and thus better equips them for thoughtful participation in a democratic society.

Students are to be able to examine their pre-conceptions about the world and to interpret and analyze logically and apply ethical principles and logical problem-solving skills when making ethical decisions.

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