Walter Wolfe

Managing Artistic Director

Walter David Wolfe currently serves as the Managing Artistic Director for the Hannon Theatre Company of Loyola High School Los Angeles, where he has directed hundreds of college prep actors in a wide range of stylized plays and musicals over the past twenty-three years. He has authored an textbook, Acting Mechanics, and has written several plays and musicals which he has produced with HTC. Apart from working and training as an actor in New York, Minneapolis, and his hometown Los Angeles, Mr. Wolfe earned his MFA in theatre performance from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Mr. Wolfe lives in Monrovia with his wife of twenty-four years where they look forward to having their two children come home from college once in a while.


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This orientation presentation ensures parents of prospective Hannon Theatre Company members are well-informed and fully aware of the commitment being in a production requires.  To a significant extent, conscientious parents determine the success of a production by forming a partnership with HTC's directors to promote the company's mission.  

Please take the time to engage fully with the information presented herein.  Every HTC philosophy, decision, and rule contained within encourages teamwork, selflessness, and fairness.  After this presentation, we hope you will join us in teaching these vital lessons to your student with your support.  

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