Malcolm Pryce

The Skipper!

Hi I'm Malcolm, your tutor. I live in Oxford. I write novels, teach creative writing, drink beer and fight tyranny. But you already knew that, didn't you?


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Welcome to the inaugural voyage of the Howdunnit Machine.

I'll keep this bit simple, I know how we all hate reading manuals.

There are 8 units, one per week, with some sub-sections in each one.

You should see them on the left hand pane.

In each Unit there are a few questions for you to respond to. You answer them by replying to the dedicated forums which you will find by clicking on the Discussions tab up above this.

That's about it.

Under the  Discussions tab you will also find some more general forums. An Introduction forum where I would like you to say a few words about yourself. A Common Room where you can discuss anything you like, and The Bridge, where I will post messages about the course.  At the end of each week I will post a round-up there of progress and nominate the suggestions we will be moving forward with.

So first introduce yourself in the Introductions forum, and take a look at the short section on etiquette.

Then start with the questions.

Everything else is in the Nifty Handbook.

But there is bound to be loads I have overlooked so if you have any questions, just shout. Either in the Common Room if the answer would be relevant to your fellow students, otherwise via email.


We start on Sunday 18 October.


Bon voyage!



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