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The Skipper!

Hi I'm Malcolm, your tutor. I live in Oxford. I write novels, teach creative writing, drink beer and fight tyranny. But you already knew that, didn't you?


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Welcome to the amazing 'Howdunnit' Machine.

I'll keep this bit simple, I know how we all hate reading manuals.

There are 10 units, one per week.

You should see them on the left hand pane.

In each Unit there are a few questions for you to respond to. You answer them by replying to the dedicated forums which you will find by clicking on the Discussions tab up above this. Generally, but not always there will be one exercise each week in which you are called upon to write a short passage and post it. And one collaborative forum.

The week begins on Monday, and all contribution needs to be finished by 5pm  Saturday evening, leaving me the Sunday to appraise and make any changes of course that might be necessary. Every Sunday evening I will post the results of my cogitations, in time for you to start the next unit on the Monday.

That's about it.

Under the  Discussions tab you will also find some more general forums. An Introduction forum where I would like you to say a few words about yourself. There is also a 'Participants' area, it would be good if you could upload a photo here but there is no need to duplicate the biographical info you post in the Introductions forum.  There is also a Common Room where you can discuss anything you like, and The Bridge, where I will post messages about the course.  At the end of each week I will post a round-up there of progress and nominate the suggestions we will be moving forward with.

So first introduce yourself in the Introductions forum, and take a look at the short section on etiquette in the Common Room.

Then start with the questions.

If you have any questions, just shout. Either in the Common Room if the answer would be relevant to your fellow students, otherwise via email.

And don't panic. If this is your first visit to an online school it may seem a bit strange at first, but you have all weekend to click around, so you will soon get the hang of it. Try not to blow anything up.


We start officially on Monday 29 February, but you can start this weekend if you like.


Bon voyage!



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