Daron MacQueen

Master's of Library and Information Sciences candidate


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This short course will help librarians and researchers identify potential predatory open access journals. This course will only cover the basics, but there are many ways in which predatory journals attempt to trick users. By learning how to identify these journals it can save time and money. There are plenty of reputable open access journals and this course will help you make the decision of what is trust-worthy and what is not. 

This course should be able to be completed in under 15 minutes but you can come and go as you please. It should take an estimated 5-10 minutes to complete the tutorial and another 5 minutes to complete the quiz.

This course is aimed at academic and research librarians as well as researchers but could benefit anyone who is accessing open access resources, such as students or public librarians.

Upon completion of this course you should have increased scholarly publishing literacy.

The basis for the information in this course comes from Jeffrey Beall's Criteria for Determining Predatory Open-Access Publishers

Course content

  • Editors and Staff

  • Publisher's Business Practices

  • Journal and Website Contents

  • Summary

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