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our Services : How to do business on internet In to find help,to do business online you must first figure out what you want. Ask yourself the following questions: 1.what information you want on the page? How do you want from your site? 2.Who your users? 3.Did you know what operating system and browser they use? 4.Is the page you need to have regular updates? Do you want to change yourself? 5.Did you want to sell something? 6.Did you need a database to store and retrieve information? 7.Did you want to rely on search engines to send more traffic to your site? 8.Which Website that you really want? 9.And what your budget is to build your website


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Welcome to online business free course!


Into find help to do business online, you must first figure out what you want to do first. Ask yourself the following questions on this course you will learn the basic how to do business online

This course is for those who have no knowledge about how to build a website and other feature to learn and know how to do your business online if you are already know or  too advance  this lesson is not for you.


Assignment 1


Assignment 6 lesson


This are the basic course you have to learn in our lesson courses there is some assignment in writing you have to write to complete this course


lesson Quiz  1

Lesson Quiz 2

Lesson Quiz 3


This are few Quiz for you to answer for this course


''It not hard to learn this basic course '' at lease you already know this basic.


The next course will be "how to promote your website on internet" this course will be next following lesson course soon.

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