How to Create Basic Instructional Video by Screencasting


Cesar Chester Relleve



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Teachers utilize different instructional materials to enrich learning. Instructional video can be used to teach new skills, information, behavior  needed to learn or fortify.

Few of the advantages of video lecture are the following

  • It helps the students visualize a concept that is difficult to grasp
  • Learning at individual pace
  • Archiving: it stays for future reference
  • If uploaded on LMS or online it can be accessed anytime
  • It can save time and resources both for the teacher and student

Creating an Instructional Video does take some time and skills to get it right: from planning, pre-production and practice, shooting, editing and post-production.  Not all teachers have sufficient training and time to undergo the rigorous process of developing an instructional video, though this cannot be used as an excuse to refrain doing an instructional video to foster learning.  The good news is instructional video can be done by Screencasting.

This lesson is a web-based and self-paced instruction on how to create a narrated screencast.


Course content

  • Introduction

  • Before you begin

  • How to start on Screen-O-Matic

  • How to Screencast your PPT Lesson presentation

  • The Output

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